Garage 1

We finished my new garage a few days ago, so me and spiderman decided to celebrate.



No idea if this ever came out, but I'd love to see it. Andre's great !

Can't stop listening to this song this week. Great lyrics. Sounds just right when turning up the volume.


More LA

On my way to the airport I managed to swing by RRL. They always have great vintage leather but so overpriced. I tried on a great vintage Buco jacket but it literally cost the price I paid my bike ! So I went straight to Glory and discovered the store next door called TriCo. Real cool stuff and real cool people! Anyway, hopped on the plane and got back to my wife and kids.  Ain't no place like home!



Some of the cool places and stores I visited today. Surfing cowboys was definitely the best discovery of the day. Amazing Americana mixed with vintage surfing treasures. I could have spent a fortune there. Union made and Stronghold had amazing product as usual. Not to be missed if you are in the LA area.



Huntington Beach today. Burger, beer and sunset. The waves were small but it's always fun to watch them from the pier.

The Boss

The Boss knows 




Greetings from the OC! I should get some cool stuff to post over the next few days if I can escape work from time to time.