Brecht's pictures

Not exactly fresh news but hadn't been posted yet. Check out these beautiful pictures from our meeting by Brecht Cuppens HERE 


Southsiders 62 Falcon

Mr Southsiders MC, Vincent and his Mrs, came by the house last sunday with his new 62 Ford Falcon. I must say it's in great condition and wouldn't mind driving the family to the beach in this myself.


Kiddo motors

I had a chance to visit Kiddo motors in Barcelona today. IT's a great shop that carrys Deus and Brixton mainly and will be stocking EAT DUST very soon too. They work on all kinds of bikes, modern and vintage and are super cool guys. Check it out if in BCN.


Annual gathering pics part 2

As promised : some more shots of the day.

Going for a ride

The only car that showed up. I know it's not pre '64 but it's a damn cool car anyway.

Ken and Jelle all the way from Belgium ! And Axel.

Sylvain and Vincent

Philippe looking better than ever.

Sylvain and Hedi

This dude again


An aka Mrs Blitzkrieg 


Claudy Bastard FM

Christian and Voxson. Ripping on the bass.

Elmar's grand finale

1.30am Trition VS Knuckle Burnout 


Annual gathering pics part 1

Well, here are the first few pictures of our Bitzkrieg Machines annual gathering on May 7th. The event ended being a real blast for all of us who made it there, even though it started out real bad. I was sitting there by myself at the bar while rain was pissing down for a long time. I had phone calls from most of the guys being stuck in the rain somewhere between Bayonne and Seignosse. SO that's when I decided to lie and tell them the sun was shining up here, so half an hour later most of them showed up soaking wet and hating me for lying. Luckily the bbq was on and they could dry shirts, boots and  jackets around the fire. 
I'll never forget the sight of Hedi on his Knuckle towing this other bike with a garden hose they found on their way there. Not sure how many Km they rode like that. I could have pissed my pants !
Around 5 pm the sun came out and we went for a ride and a beer in Hossegor and when we came back the bbq was ready. Time for a good layer of fat before pooring down pint after pint !
We gave out some prizes from VANS, NIXON and DICE and got everyone stoked. Thanks again to these sponsors for sending such cool shit !
CLAUDY BASTARD FM ( the moped crew ) started playing and got everyone hyped with their great selection of cover songs, and then it was time for VOXSON ( feat. Christian : co-founder of Blitzkrieg Machnes ) to fire up the place as usual with their heavy sound.
Fired up on rock'n roll we drank some more, and by 2 pm the last people left. Apparently everyone got home safe.
Special thanks to Brecht for creating the B.M. logo and the poster, the Belgian crew for flying down for the event, Emilio and his friend who drove all the way from Santander, the guy on the Velocette who rode all the way from Pau in the rain, everyone else who rode up in the rain (sorry for lying to you) , Nixon, Vans, Volcom entertainment, Dice mag, An for shooting pictures, Cream café for having us there and last but not least the Blitzkrieg machines crew : Christian, Sylvain, Jelle for helping putting this together. Sorry if i forgot someone...

Yours truly





Sorry forgot the name (drank too much to remember )








Annual gathering video

Excuse the poor quality, but it was filmed from an Iphone. Thanks Axel !
Pictures and full report are coming soon. We are still resizing them at the moment and there is loads of them. I tell you we had a hell of a good time for this first edition. Thanks everyone for coming down despite the heavy rain !


Tees are in

Fresh off the printer, they came just in time for tomorrow. The weather might be challenging but fuck it, worst case scenario we'll drink beers inside instead of outside. Is that even a problem ?



For those who wonder what we'll do on saturday , here is a little idea :

2 pm : start, meet , talk, look at bikes, exchange ideas, talk, socialize...
4 pm : we'll be showing motorcycle movies on screen throughout the day
6 pm : prizes give aways for best vintage bikes
7 pm : we light up the bbq. prices will be reasonable and food is great !
9 pm : Claudy bastard FM concert
10 pm : Voxson concert

More good stuff

Start polishing those bikes, there will be some of this for the best of 'em.
Thanks Vans. Still making the best shit since '66.

Weather Forecast

Seems like it will be allright for saturday afternoon. Don't worry, the thunder and lightning will only be comin out of the exhaust pipes.


B.M. on Southsiders

Southsiders MC just posted a cool feature on Blitzkrieg Machines and my TR5. Thanks a lot Vincent and keep up the good work.
Full post HERE.


In case you don't know where Cream cafe is , click HERE or HERE. Pretty easy ! No excuse to miss it now.

Good stuff

These have arrived today , we're getting closer !


Gilles Horse

Gilles finnished his new horse just in time to get it over to our meeting. Lookin good bro!


N(D)ice stuff

A box was delivered today with some nice stuff from Matt and Dean over at Dice. If you show up on the 7th you might get a chance to end up with some of this.
Thanks Dice !