Today I met up with Vincent from Southsiders MC today who took some pictures of the Trophy for his excellen blog. If you are in the area of Toulouse around June 9th, make sure you check out the event he is putting together. It looks like one not to be missed !


Keith and Gill

Our friends Keith and Gill are only two weeks away from riding down from Belgium to Seignosse. It'll be a 1100 Km ride in two days. Let's hope the bikes run sweet all the way down. I'd hate not to have these boys here for the party.

Stickers have arrived

Stickers have arrived last friday. Sylvain tested them on his 'Vette and on the man in blue's car. Excuse the crappy pictures.


21st century knights

They only diffrence with back than is now we got more horses under one saddle.

Tibal's Yam bobber

Just got this picture sent of Tibal's Yam bobber. He'll be ridin' up with the Biarritz crew on the 7th too. Can't wait to see all these bikes on one parking lot.


Bixente's BSA

Hopefully Bixente shows up with his killer BSA on the 7th.

4Q Conditioning

Our member Jelle dropped by the 4Q headquarters to shoot some photos of the workshop and with all time legend Max Schaaf. This is only a digi sneak peak.


under construction

Seems like I'm not gonna be able to finnish my bike before our meeting. still missing some pieces. And it's a little too far to ride my girlfriends Vespa all the way to the South West of France.


Sylvain's Triton

Sylvain, our very own Blitzkrieg machines member, is the proud owner of this beast which you'll be able to appreciate on May 7th.

Phil D's T Bird

Phil D will be showing up at the meeting with this T Bird. Apparently he's got a pan and a shovel Chopper too.
I sure hope he shows up in his Brando oufit.


Mark's Boneshaker

The Southsiders MC announced today they would send a delegation to the meeting. Amongst them will be Mark and his boneshaker


Bikes coming on the 7th

Here is another bike from the area who will most probably turn up on the 7th.


Kick it

Horses out of the stable and gettin kicked into action by founding member Phil.

Bikes coming on the 7th

Sylvain's buddy Hedi and his 1946 Knuckelhead are coming as well on the 7th of May.
Can't wait to meet you all there with a refreshing pint and a hamburger or 2.