Sunday Aprem

Yesterday we went to a vintage market organized at Bixente moto's new shop in Anglet. Our wives set up a little vintage clothes booth repping their brands while a few of our friends showed up with cool bikes and cars. It ended up being a great get together with wives, kids and loads of cool people.

Bixente's shop

Melodie's Aronde car and a Stingray

Bixente's BSA

Biarritz Low rider's crew showed up. He made that thing bounce, pretty sick.

Some other dude showed up in this Fairlane.

Our ladies An and Anke, and my daughter at work

Phil, the legend, on his electra shovel

Steven and his new Trump. It finally started...

Cramps at Napa mental

Not sure if the crowd is any crazier than the band.


Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts from Seth Huot on Vimeo.

Not a huge fan of the bike, but I have to admit the riding is efficient. Makes me wanna hop on my sickle and break the law.


Magnetix gig

The Magnetix played last night at Bidonvilla in Soorts, and of course I didn't want to miss this. I had never heard or seen the band before and I must say it was one if the best things I've seen in our remote part of the country. They reminded me of a mix of Cramps with Gories, and a general Crypt records feeling to it. That girl / guy duo was F...cking loud too ! They even had some French songs which I usually hate, but they certainly got away with it.
Check 'em out if you have a chance. and check out their label Born Bad records.


Labenne Grand Prix II

Last sunday, we went to the Labenne Grand Prix hoping to see some cool cars and bikes. Well I can tell you it was really disappointing. Shit weather, just a few OK cars but nothing amazing and most of them were there last year. No bikes at all ! Las year people brought some dope Bultaco's and old French bikes. But this year nothing !
On top of it, it was freezing cold and rainy.


The gang's all here

I'll take any of these bikes. Damn !



I'll never get tired of this shot. It's so perfect in every aspect !