Hotrod Hayride

Our Belgian chapter spent the whole weekend in the UK for the Hotrod Hayride. Here's some phonograpy for your viewing pleasure.

Soapbox races are fun!

I think these 2 escaped from the freakshow ;-)



...and hotrods


The Walla Of Death

These things are always fun!


Bjorns toy

Bjorn finally finished his toy he has been working on for the last 2 years!


Troubleshoot back in the garage.

This lifts the car about 10cm

If you like the shape of a swastika, than ride with the anti-swastika!

Weran into some troubles today, while test-driving the fairlane. The engine stalled after a few miles, and kept on doin it. We installed a new fuel pump but still the same problem. I guess we gonna have to clean the fuel tank and fuel lines on our next day off. We did some preparations and figured out a basic plan to get under the car easier.


2 Falcons

Vincent's 62 Falcon shot from our 65 Falcon wagon last friday in Seignosse right after my starter broke down. Luckily he was in the area to help me get the bitch started.

Tattoo age


Berlin Blitz

When in Berlin early July, I met up with Keith and Rob from Eat Dust at Burg and Schild wich is by far the best store in town. They carry the best leathers, denim and footwear a man needs. Something like 15 bikes were parked in front of the store and beers were ice cold (free of charge ! ). We met a bunch of cool locals with killer bikes. Needles to say we ended up quite drunk ! Can't wait to meet up with all those dudes again.

This guy had this amazing Kawasaki barn find and restored it fully to its original state. So rad !


Some bird taht came out of a club. Great style !

Rob Kickin'


Dave's 54 Mainline

I met Dave during my last trip to the US. Not only is he a super cool guy but he's also the proud owner of this 54 Ford Mainline as well as a couple real cool bikes.