October sunset

October has been amazingly warm and surf has been epic. Sunset rides to the beach are the best.


Day late and a dollar short

One of my all time favourite punk records. Horrible sound, basic and straight from the guts. That's all it needs to be to me.


Perriand chairs

I am so stoked I scored a set of 4 Charlotte Perriand " Les Arcs" chairs. I have always wanted them as Perriand designed the whole ski resort of Les Arcs where I spent the 10 most amazing years of my life snowboarding. At the time I had no idea I was surrounded by her design furniture in every appartment I've lived in. Only years later did I find out about the amazing design history of the town. 
At the time I lived there, people would throw waway thoses chairs as if they were worth nothing. I even remember many drunken night abusing them. 

Now I can enjoy every meal with my family seated in style, and reminiscing about good old times.


Falcon back

The Falcon's back on the road.