Born free 3 part 3

Not many swing arm frames at the show. They are my favourites though.



Mark Drew's Triumph project

Coolest Knuckle of show from Garage Company I believe

Speedway ?

The Born Free Knuckle

Dimitri @ Pikes Peak

Dimitri Coste sent me these pictures of him racing at Pikes Peak. The man has launched himself in another crazy adventure and took part in this great race. The guys hadn't seen anyone race with drumbrakes in a while , haha !
He can be seen rocking a nice Ruby leather suit, and , wait, is that a full face Ruby ... ?


Born free 3 part 2

Great looks.

Love the shotgum pipes. Meatball from Hell on Wheels MC standing in the back.

A Salinas boys creation

These dudes !

Mr Jason Jessee's pan

I love this little Triumph chop.

That's what I call a sick Sportster.

Helmets galore.


Cocaine girl.

Amazing bike ! Not one thing I dislike about it.

More coming soon.



 We ran into this one on the parking lot at the Copenhagen Pro yesterday. To bad we didn't get the chance to talk to the owner. Sweet ride!

Born free 3 part 1

The show today has been amazing ! I can't believe the amount of bikes I saw. Last year was a success but this year was huge. A lot of cooks around though, but overall a great event. The biggest disappointment was that I didn't win that Knuckle of course, but I got to meet real cool people instead.
I'll post some more pictures tomorrow 'cause it's been a long day now.