Jelle, this one's for you. Now you know what to do with your Iron.


53 Pre Unit

Stole these shots somewhere the other day. Can't remember where though. 
Damn what a sick looking pre unit ! It was built by WKITHOK 


Something went missing...

I should listen more to people telling me I need to check and tighten every bolt and nut on my old british engine after riding.
I guess I prefer the riding part than the working part. This is how the engine looked when I got back from the bar on sunday...


Weekend fun

Yesterday we had 40° wetaher so Vincent, Christian and myself decided to try and catch some fresh air on our bikes but it felt more like having a hair dryer blowing in your face than anything else. So we stopped by the Adour river and had a cold beer while Christian was riding some dirst track along the river. Great fun ! Same thing again today...


For sale

'64 Impala for sale by my buddy Manu. Runs great and in very good condition. Intrested, drop us a mail.
Spread the word.


Gathering pic

Tracked back a photo of our meeting a few months ago. Was sitting around for months on some roll of film that was waiting to be developed.

Kiyo's Knuckle

A beautiful shot of Kyo's Knuckle ( Garage company ) by Dimitri Coste. This must be my favourite Knuckle by far. I am just crazy about this thing. Perfectly balanced, great line, just perfect.


New horse

Christian got his stock XS 650 fixed and it runs real smooth. He rides it to work everyday to avoid traffic. He made such a good deal on this one. I love that thing !

Saturday sunset

It's been a while since I've been home and took some time for myself, so last night I went by Christian's and we took the bikes for a sunset spin. Riding around his area is pretty awesome : super quiet roads with epic scenery. Good fun !


Garage nights

The summer has been shitty the last few weeks, so everybody's mind is set back to the garage. Wednesday nights I love them!