Garage 1

We finished my new garage a few days ago, so me and spiderman decided to celebrate.



No idea if this ever came out, but I'd love to see it. Andre's great !

Can't stop listening to this song this week. Great lyrics. Sounds just right when turning up the volume.


More LA

On my way to the airport I managed to swing by RRL. They always have great vintage leather but so overpriced. I tried on a great vintage Buco jacket but it literally cost the price I paid my bike ! So I went straight to Glory and discovered the store next door called TriCo. Real cool stuff and real cool people! Anyway, hopped on the plane and got back to my wife and kids.  Ain't no place like home!



Some of the cool places and stores I visited today. Surfing cowboys was definitely the best discovery of the day. Amazing Americana mixed with vintage surfing treasures. I could have spent a fortune there. Union made and Stronghold had amazing product as usual. Not to be missed if you are in the LA area.



Huntington Beach today. Burger, beer and sunset. The waves were small but it's always fun to watch them from the pier.

The Boss

The Boss knows 




Greetings from the OC! I should get some cool stuff to post over the next few days if I can escape work from time to time.



So simple, so good !


Bleu de chauffe

Today I got a sick leather belt from Bleu de chauffe, a great French brand that makes good old fashioned leather goods. They make their goods in France too. This one will last for a while ! 



Christian hanging sideways on his XS650 sometime this summer. Picture by Jelle



No headlight makes it look even better for some reason.


Trump Chopp

I absolutely love this type of choppers. Small compact and simply badass.


Trike madness

V12 powered. Hold on to your bars !



The excellent Southsiders MC blog posted a report on a warm late summer ride we did with the gang last week. Make sure you check ou the ull photo report HERE.



We went on a ride on monday with Patrice, Phil, Bixente, Steven, Hedi, Vincent and myself. These are our easter eggs... Fuck the weather was amazing and we stopped for a drink at the beach, while 10 foot swell was pumping. Great day. Thanks boys.

Takin a ride

I always get stoked on this song, and on this band.


October sunset

October has been amazingly warm and surf has been epic. Sunset rides to the beach are the best.


Day late and a dollar short

One of my all time favourite punk records. Horrible sound, basic and straight from the guts. That's all it needs to be to me.


Perriand chairs

I am so stoked I scored a set of 4 Charlotte Perriand " Les Arcs" chairs. I have always wanted them as Perriand designed the whole ski resort of Les Arcs where I spent the 10 most amazing years of my life snowboarding. At the time I had no idea I was surrounded by her design furniture in every appartment I've lived in. Only years later did I find out about the amazing design history of the town. 
At the time I lived there, people would throw waway thoses chairs as if they were worth nothing. I even remember many drunken night abusing them. 

Now I can enjoy every meal with my family seated in style, and reminiscing about good old times.


Falcon back

The Falcon's back on the road.


Sunday Aprem

Yesterday we went to a vintage market organized at Bixente moto's new shop in Anglet. Our wives set up a little vintage clothes booth repping their brands while a few of our friends showed up with cool bikes and cars. It ended up being a great get together with wives, kids and loads of cool people.

Bixente's shop

Melodie's Aronde car and a Stingray

Bixente's BSA

Biarritz Low rider's crew showed up. He made that thing bounce, pretty sick.

Some other dude showed up in this Fairlane.

Our ladies An and Anke, and my daughter at work

Phil, the legend, on his electra shovel

Steven and his new Trump. It finally started...

Cramps at Napa mental

Not sure if the crowd is any crazier than the band.


Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts from Seth Huot on Vimeo.

Not a huge fan of the bike, but I have to admit the riding is efficient. Makes me wanna hop on my sickle and break the law.


Magnetix gig

The Magnetix played last night at Bidonvilla in Soorts, and of course I didn't want to miss this. I had never heard or seen the band before and I must say it was one if the best things I've seen in our remote part of the country. They reminded me of a mix of Cramps with Gories, and a general Crypt records feeling to it. That girl / guy duo was F...cking loud too ! They even had some French songs which I usually hate, but they certainly got away with it.
Check 'em out if you have a chance. and check out their label Born Bad records.